Ice Guide : Southeast : Haines : Mount Ripinski : Alzheimers


Rating: WI3
Length: 20 meters

Short pitch of varying terrain.


Anchor/Descent: Rap trees or alders to descend.

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This climb exists at Garbage Point that is just at the eastern tip of Mount Ripinksi seaside base. From Haines head out of town on Lutak Road toward the Ferry Terminal. Travel about a mile or less from the intersection of Beach Rd. and Lutak Rd. at which is located a large parking area known as Picture Point. Park at the turn-out at the high point of the grade Lutak Rd. takes over Garbage Point. The turn-out is indicated in advance by a standard DOT blue camera sign.

To get to the routes in this area, hike back towards town. Approach the abutment of a guard rail and slide-area sign. Just past this point make an up-hill scramble out of the ditch. Head climber's right at an overhung crag. Continue uphill directly along the rocks for a minute or two keeping a head's up for a visual of the top of the climb. Angle away from a broad rock face onto a steep vegetated slope.

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Photo: Zac Jacobson