Ice Guide : Southcentral : North Anchorage : Eklutna River : Eklutna Canyon : Astroturf


Rating: WI3+
Length: 40 meters

Hike to the base of a low angle moss covered face to begin. Climb unprotected for approximately 5 meters to the large tree on the right-hand side. From there climb a thin runnel of ice up to a small ledge. If you wish to continue climbing, take the hand sized crack just left of the ice finish to the canyon rim. This climb has also been called Thunderipple.


Anchor: Small trees and/or alder exist at the top of the canyon. At the top of the ice a fixed anchor is located in the rock buttress approximately 10 feet to the left.

Alert: The Eklutna Canyon drainage is private property belonging to Eklutna Incorporated and their website indicates ice climbing is not allowed on their property. It is strongly suggested that before venturing into the canyon, check with the climbing groups within the community regarding the current access status for the canyon. Alaska State Parks require vehicles parking in the Thunderbird Falls Trailhead parking lot to have a current Alaska State Parks parking pass.

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Head upriver past T.J. Swann to where the Northside Climbs are sometimes located on the north walls of the canyon. You will know your there when you see a very distinctive yellow colored ice flowing from the canyon walls. On most years, these climbs do not form enough to climb. Astroturf is the climb furthest to the right.

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