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Baby Candyland

Rating: WI3
Length: 90 meters

These climbs offer some of the best plastic ice in the area and seem to form more often than than their larger neighbor to the north. All tiers are relatively short and moderate in difficulty. Large ledges with often dense alder brush seperate the tiers. This area is highly recommended for those new to the sport or those who are learning to lead.


Anchor/descent: Dense alders are available for belay and rappel on a few routes. If alder is not available use ice screws for anchors. The climbs are relatively short and rappeling the routes is recommended as a safe walkoff may be difficult to find or require a long hike. Be prepared to place V-threads when descending on routes without alders.

ALERT: In order to climb at Candyland, one must obtain a climbing permit from the Alaska Railroad Corporation's Security office located in downtown Anchorage at 320 West 1st Street. Climbing without a permit could mean a personal fine or permanent closure of this area.

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Baby Candyland is a general term for the smaller tiered walls south of Candyland. Like Candyland, similiar parking options exist either on the shoulder of the highway or in a nearby highway pullout. Once parked walk across the railroad tracks to the base of the climbs.

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