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the beast

Rating: WI4/5
Length: 40 meters

Located to the right of Hypercard, this pillar offers a steep and often dicy route for those looking to push their climbing skills to the next level. Depending on conditions, protection may be difficult to find and even more so towards the top. If you don't know the conditions, bring your shorty screws just in case.

(Note: As shown in the picture at right, the smear to the right of The Beast is called The Howling and the smear to the left is called Fright Night.  Both routes require skill and possibly rock protection.)


Anchor/descent: A fixed anchor is located on the bench at the top. Recommend climbers not use the alders above.

ALERT: Belayers take caution of the passing highway traffic within arms reach while climbers should be aware that falling ice and rock could easily hit the passing traffic below. Simply stated - Use common sense when climbing so as to not ruin the privilege of climbing at this location.

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Lat: 61 12.811' North
Long: 149 45.694' West

Drive Seward Highway approximately 1.5 miles south from the weigh station to a large pullout on the south side (ocean side) of the highway directly across from this formation. Park at the pullout and proceed with caution when crossing the highway to get to the base of this climb.

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