Ice Guide : Southcentral : Matanuska River : Caribou Creek

caribou creek

The climbs on lower Caribou Creek are located approximately two hours north from Anchorage on the Glenn Highway. Travel past the access turnoff for the Matanuska Glacier and the highway drops down into the Caribou Creek river drainage. After crossing the Caribou Creek bridge, park along the road or further up the hill at a designated pullout. Hike down to the river on the north side of the road until one can gain access to the creek. Access upstream to most of these climbs is limited until the river has had ample time to freeze over. However, one can rappel down into the classic Kid's Corner to get on this climb in early season. The longest and best climbs are four to five miles back in the canyon and usually require a day to complete if you approach with skis or by foot. Snow machining the approach is also an option once the creek has frozen over.

This area is documented in Wayne Mushrush's Caribou Creek Guide from 1991.


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