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Eklutna Canyon Dam

Rating: WI3-4
Length: 15 meters

During most years, this ice is free hanging creating an interesting start. Vertical ice leads to the finish.


Anchor: Solid metal posts exist on top of the dam for a solid anchor/rappel.

Alert: The Eklutna Canyon drainage is private property belonging to Eklutna Incorporated and their website indicates ice climbing is not allowed on their property. It is strongly suggested that before venturing into the canyon, check with the climbing groups within the community regarding the current access status for the canyon. Alaska State Parks require vehicles parking in the Thunderbird Falls Trailhead parking lot to have a current Alaska State Parks parking pass.

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After an hour long hike from the parking lot, one will reach the back of the Eklutna Canyon where a dam exists. This dam sometimes allows for two nice ice climb variations to form. Unfortunately, the Eklutna Incorporated native corporation plans to demolish this dam in the near future. Get it while its hot.

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