Ice Guide : Southwest : Kodiak Island : Deadman's Curve 1

Deadman's Curve 1

Rating: WI3
Length: 25 meters

Hike snow and rock to the base of this route then climb 3 short sections to the top.


Anchor/Descent: Alders can provide an anchor, but are not be readily available at very top of the ice. If you wish to top rope the route make sure to bring plenty of anchor material so the rope does not run over the ground. Bring v-thread gear just in case.

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Lat: 57 46.53' North
Long: 152 27.22' West

From Kodiak, drive approximately 2 miles towards Kodiak Airport on Rezanof Drive. Park alongside the road or of the road (where possible) near the cliffs. Make sure to park in a location that is visible to oncoming traffic. Walk the steep road to the left if you wish to top rope this route.

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Photo: Pat Schmalix