Ice Guide : Southcentral : Valdez : Falstaff


Rating: WI5
Length: 25 meters

This route consists of a first vertical pillar about 15 meters in length, depending on snow depth. it continues up more vertical ice to the finish.

After much debate in February 2019 amongst the FB crowd, this route's difficulty was upgraded from Embick's original publication of a III. 

FA: Chuck Comstock, Andrew Embick, Bill Lorch, December 1981 

Anchor/Descent: Easy walk off from top. 

ALERT: Prone to avalanches from above.


This route is visible from the road on the north side of Thompson Pass close to mile marker 45 and near a set of power lines crossing the highway

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Falstaff in a heavy snow year. Photo: Seiji Ishi (2018)