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Fate is the Hunter

Rating: WI3
Length: 40 meters

Depending on conditions this route offers a variety of steep lines followed by a longer and more moderate ramp-like finish into the dense alder bushes above. Use this route as an alternate first pitch to Indecision should the first pitch of Indecsion be inaccessible.

FA: Ernie Borjon & Ned Lewis

Anchor: Many alder bushes exist on the route to set up natural protection for rappel stations.

ALERT:  Understand that if you walk on the train tracks you are trespassing on Alaska Railroad property. Portage area weather can be drastically different than weather in Anchorage. Avalanches can and will happen. Know your surroundings and be aware of current conditions.

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Just to the right of Indecision is Fate is the Hunter. It is the second climb north of the Portage River as one enters the valley. Approach the same as with Indecision - Park at the railroad depot station on the Seward Highway just north of the Portage/Whittier turnoff. Just south of the depot the train tracks split with one set following the Seward Highway and another set turning left into Portage Valley. Hike the left set of tracks for approximately 30 to 40 minutes or until you see the climbs on the left. Hike approximately 20 minutes across frozen wetlands to the base of the climbs. Fate is the Hunter is the climb immediately right of Indecison. Be aware of open water and often deep snow.

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