Ice Guide : Southcentral : Valdez : Flakes of Wrath

Flakes of Wrath

Rating: M7 WI5
Length in Meters: 35
Length in Pitches: 1

Overview: Bolted as a community project by Travis McAlpine, Nathan Pooler, Taylor Brown, and Matthew Tucker, Flakes of Wrath follows an obvious line of overhanging jugs and flakes from lookers right of the pillar and trends left to transition onto the pillar proper. Climb overhanging or steep ice to the pillar top out.

Approach: Approach is less than 5 min. Park in the safest spot you can find on the highway and walk up the short drainage to the pillar. The pillar is very obvious from the road.

Descent: V-thread for descent

Objective Hazards : Fallstaff pillar is in a large avalanche path so know conditions.

Submitted by: Matthew Tucker

Latitude: 61.20839350947427
Longitude: -145.41269361351112

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