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Flying Cloud

Rating: WI5+
Length: 110 meters

This route forms up left of Bridalveil Falls. From the definitive guidebook, Blue Ice and Black Gold: The first ascent had been advertised in the newspaper as a public demonstration of ice-climbing on Bridalveil for the Valdez Winter Carnival. Arriving on the scene the first ascensionists, feeling bold, opted for a new route instead. Scores of onlookers gawked, some for hours at a time, but none stayed for the full duration (eight hours) of slow painstaking climbing on this intricate formation.

FA: Andy Embick & Bill Lorch, February 1981.

Anchor/Descent: Rappel from alders.


This route exists just to the left of the massive, Bridalveil Falls.

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Flying Cloud (2018)