Ice Guide : Southcentral : Valdez : Wortmanns Creek : Fried Gold

Fried Gold

Rating: WI4
Length: 30 meters, 1 pitch

Furthest right, highest volume flow in the amphitheater. A few body lengths of dead vertical ice then eases up a little bit the rest of the way.

FA: Ryan Sims, Galen Vansant, Sam Volk. February 2018

Descent/Anchor: v-thread

Posted by: Sam Volk

ALERT: Avalanche hazard above

Lat/Long: 61.03226933049834,-145.74219270780026

Best approached with sleds, Most years the river is not frozen through the canyon on the approach so you have to climb out of the canyon to the north onto the benches to get to where the valley opens up. Mountain riding skills definitely a requirement for that. Climb is located in a little groto/alcove at the base of the norther hillside.

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