Ice Guide : Southcentral : Matanuska River : Glacier Creek : Glacier Creek 1

Glacier Creek 1


This is the tantalizing piece of ice that is situated on the main drainage of the peak on the western flank of Glacier Creek.  This route is visible from the highway.


Anchor: Bring anchor and v-thread material.

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These routes require a long approach best made by snow machine.  Access the Matanuska River from multiple locations.  Probably the best location is the Hick's Creek parking area on the north side of the Glenn Highway.  Take the Hicks drainage down to the Matanuska River and head up river to the confluence with Glacier Creek.  Head up river on Glacier creek for several miles.  Before heading into Glacier Creek proper this route becomes visible and is accessible by a side canyon off Glacier Creek.  Major approach ensues.

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