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Glacier Creek 5

Rating: WI4
Length in Meters: 70
Length in Pitches: 1

Overview: This route ascends a narrow gully and is likely a better climb in late season with freeze thaw conditions. The crux may be getting off the deck but in 2018 a right curtain extended to the base of the climb and thicker conditions were present throughout the full extent of the route. Climb through the first 20-30 feet of vertical terrain and through two more similar height curtains to the finish.

Approach: This route exists in the same amphitheater as Threshold of a Dream.

Descent: V-thread, alders

First Ascent: Cash Joyce & Paul Turecki

Objective Hazards : This route is threatened by the large snowfield above and avalanche danger should be considered.

Latitude: 61.740760890250435
Longitude: -147.80457413872256

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