Ice Guide : Southcentral : Matanuska River : Gravel Creek : Gravel Creek Pillar

Gravel Creek Pillar

Rating: WI5+
Length: 55 meters, main first pitch

This climb is exactly like the first ice step of Kid Around the Corner in Caribou Creek, but much, much longer. An easier line can be found on the right side of the climb, but as you move to climber's left, it gets harder. A climber can expect to climb many feet of vertical and very chandeliered ice before it slowly starts to ease off as you reach the top. If you want to get some more climbing in, you can continue for a couple more pitches of snow and WI3 ice.


Anchor: No veggies exist. Bring gear for a v-thread.

ALERT:  Beware of falling rock from the overhanging rock around the climb.

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Lat: 61 44.203' North
Long: 147 55.439' West

Just west of the road to the Victory Bible Camp there are two pullouts on the south side of the road. One of these pullouts provides road access down to the Matanuska River. Access the Matanuska River and make a crossing. If you head straight across the river you can gain access to Tatondan Lake where several lodges are located.  Head to the western edge of the lake to gain access on to Gravel Creek. The climb will be on your right after about 3 miles of travel up Gravel Creek. Hike a snow slope to the route's base.

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Photo: Joel Schihl