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hunter creek

Hunter Creek is just one of those areas you have to see to believe. Spectacular climbs exist in the Christmas Ampitheater after the fork in the river as well as numerous climbs before. (Note - additional route information on Hunter Creek can be found in the 1997 American Alpine Journal, pg. 183.) The only downside is that the creek often takes weeks to freeze and only hours to melt out. Oh, and don't forget about the avalanche danger in the valley.

To get to Hunter Creek take the Glenn Highway north from Anchorage. After going past Eklutna, exit at the Old Glen Highway just before the Knik River Bridge. Turn right and begin heading east adjacent to the Knik River. Eventually, after several miles the main road will curve left and cross the Knik River. At this turn in the road, drive straight which turns into the Knik River Road. Drive up the Knik River Road for several miles until one crosses the Hunter Creek bridge with rust color supports. This is the first major river that one crosses on the Knik River Road. A parking area exists on the north side of the bridge after one crosses the bridge.

ALERT: Hunter Creek lies in or adjacent to private property areas. It is uncertain if any access issues exist for this area. Check with the local climbing groups within the community to determine the current access issues for this area. Also, vandalism and theft have been high at times in this secluded area. DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES IN YOUR VEHICLE UNATTENDED.

This area is documented in Steve Davis's Hunter Creek Guide.

Lower Hunter Creek

Hunter Creek West Fork

Hunter Creek East Fork

Christmas Amphitheater


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