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ice gallery

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The history of ice climbing in Alaska spans nearly 40 years beginning with Valdez.  It was the hub of activity that first attracted climbers in the '70's from around the world to the massive, easily accessible ice climbs.  At the same time, locals managed to locate numerous other quality routes. Into the '80's, more first ascents were happening and climbers were racing all over the place in secret to get their names in the history books. It expanded into the '90's when more back country ice climbing was pursued and many climbers took big risks to venture for ice far from help before the days of satellite phones and GPS

The Ice Gallery attempts to capture the spirit of those early days of exploration and triumph.  Here at AIC, we give thanks to those that have donated their photos for use on the site.  It allows our users to get a peak into the history of what ice climbing in Alaska is all about.