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Iron Curtain

Rating: WI4
Length: 200 meters

Clearly visible from the Serenity Falls Cabin, this is the second major piece of ice on the right just after crossing the Eklutna Glacier drainage. From the trail hike through trees to the base of the climb. Rack up at the base for multiple pillars of blue seperated by snow slopes.

FA: Nick Parker & Helmut Schriddiger, 1979

Anchor: Look for anchors on nearby alders or bring gear for v-thread.

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From the Glenn Hwy, take the Eklutna Lake turnoff then follow the road back to the Eklutna Lake parking lot (State Parks). From the parking lot one can either ski, hike, bike, ATV, or snowmachine to the back of Eklutna Lake. Just past the Serenity Hut cabin are two major routes clearly visible on the right side of the canyon. Serenity Falls is the first route and Iron Curtain is the second.

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Photo: Neil Huddleston