Ice Guide : Interior Alaska : South Parks Highway : Jack River

Jack River

Near Cantwell, the Jack River provides access into the hills to the east of the Alaska Range. Snow machiners frequent this area because of the nice back country access and a trail loop out to the Parks Highway. This well used trail makes entry into the Jack River for the ice fairly straight forward.

Take the Denali Highway east from Cantwell approximately 4 miles to the BLM right-of-way trailhead. This trail is marked by two posts on the south side of the Denali Highway. Depending on the time of year visited, one may have to travel half the distance to the trail head on unmaintained roadway. Late in the season towards April, the highway may be plowed all the way to the trail head. This trail is the access to Jack River and provides a right-of-way through the native owned land in the area.

ALERT: This trail sees a decent amount of snow machine travel so be cautious on the trail.

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