Ice Guide : Interior Alaska : South Parks Highway : Jack River : Jack River Falls

Jack River Falls

Rating: WI3-4
Length: 150 meters, 3 pitches

The route consists of three pitches. The first pitch is relatively easy and is a walk up that can sometimes be buried in snow. The second pitch begins to steepen and the difficulty is raised to WI3 or WI4 for a full rope length. The third pitch is a few hundred meters up the drainage and is separate enough to be considered a different climb. This climb is huge when in good conditions and can accomodate several parties.


Anchor/Descent: Be prepared to V-thread to rappel off of this route.

ALERT: This trail is used by snow machines. Be cautious on the trail.

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Take the right-of-way trail to Wolf Point, the most obvious high ground that rests between the two ridges on either side of the Jack River drainage. Stay left on the trails that stay on the lower ground at Wolf Point and make the decent down to the Jack River. In late season, this river provides easy access on a trail to the back of the drainage and to the massive ice of the Jack River Falls.

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