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Klutshah Mountain

Klutshah Mountain exists in the Upper Chilkat River area and is a committing approach. In fact, given the long approach time, an overnight stay is recommended. Snow machines, snow shoes, or skis can help on the approach. And, pay attention to the weather to gain a handle on whether or not the climbing is in.

After crossing the Kelsall, follow logging trails approximately two miles back to the Upper Chilkat River valley. Continue on the trails until the main scooter trail finishes with a 300 yard downhill through old growth. One will pop out at a slough and travel an additional three miles on trails to a (hopeful) river crossing at or near a seasonal lodge with guest cabins. This is a good marker that you are in the right area. Avoid a brush battle and head several hundred yards upvalley past the guest lodge advancing toward the mountain's slope. Snowshoe/ski/posthole in a southwesterly direction directly along the slope and creek bottom for the path of least resistance. The moutain's steep slope and creek wrap directly into the gorge and take you to the climb within 30 minutes on foot.

Alert: The access to the climbing in this area may exist through private property. Climb at your own risk and respect the land owners and property in this area.

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Photo: Zac Jacobson

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