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Knik Gorge

Accessing the climbs in the Knik Gorge area can be quite an adventure in a surreal setting. Most climbs are located in proximity to the terminus of the Knik Glacier. As one begins to enter the Knik Gorge area, one will find the Knik River separating a massive wall of the glacier on one side with steep rock and waterfalls on the other.  The Knik Gorge routes were written up by Martin Martinez in the 2001 American Alpine Journal.

To access the climbs in the Knik Gorge area, proceed to Hunter Creek. After passing Hunter Creek on the Knik River Road, drive east until the road ends. Exit your vehicle and hopefully unload the snow machine. Most climbs are 5 to 10 miles, one way, up the south side of the Knik River.

ALERT: Knik Gorge lies in or adjacent to private property areas. It is uncertain if any access issues exist for this area. Check with the local climbing groups within the community to determine the current access issues for this area. Also, vandalism and theft have been high at times in this secluded area. DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES IN YOUR VEHICLE UNATTENDED.

This area is documented in Martin Martinez's Knik Gorge Guide.


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