Ice Guide : Southcentral : South Anchorage : O'Malley Peak : O'Malley Falls

O'Malley Falls

Rating: WI3
Length: 140 meters

Mostly moderate ice the entire way with a couple short curtains of WI3.


Anchor/descent: Alders are sparse so bring v-thread material.

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Lat: 61 06.568' North
Long: 149 33.878' West

From the Glenn Alps Trailhead access the Powerline Trail. Hike or ski the trail (going away from Anchorage) until one comes to obvious trailhead on the left hand side. Hike/ski the trail down and over the creek then choose to either hike/ski to the 'football' field or go around via the Williwaw Creek Trail. Either way, hike/ski until you get to the north side of O'Malley Peak. O'Malley Waterfall is the obvious falls located above the Williwaw Lakes on the north side of O'Malley.

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Photo: Neil Huddleston