Ice Guide : Southcentral : South Anchorage : Ptarmigan Peak

ptarmigan peak

The climbs on Ptarmigan Peak have a relatively easy, albeit long, approach. In early season, one can ride their bike nearly to the base of the climbs. From Anchorage, take O'Malley road east toward the mountains. Turn right at the brown sign for Flattop heading south on Hillside Road. Turn left at another brown sign and head east on Upper Huffman Road. Continue to follow the brown signs for Flattop/Glen Alps. In the winter, this road can be treacherous considering the grade is steep and not maintained by the city for the whole duration. If one can make it up the road, park in the Glen Alps parking lot. From here, get on your bike or slap on your skis and take the access to the Powerline Trail. Once on Powerline trail, turn right and head in to the mountains. Once you have made it back to the largest peak on the right ridge, you have reached the climbs. They are located near the snow couloir on Ptarmigan Peak.

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