Ice Guide : Southcentral : South Anchorage : Turnagain Arm : Scales


Rating: WI2
Length: 10-20 meters

Scales Left and Scales are well known night time climbs. Often the road lights along the Seward Highway will remain on, thus allowing adequate illumination for those wishing to hone their skills at 3AM.

Scales Left is the shorter (approximately 10 meters) of the two climbs, but at times steeper than its southern neighbor.

Scales is obviously the longer climb (approximately 15-20 meters) of the pair.


Anchor/descent: Alders are scarce in the area so be prepared to place a V-thread if a sturdy anchor isn't available.

ALERT: Belayers take caution of the passing highway traffic within arms reach while climbers should be aware that falling ice and rock could easily hit the passing traffic below. Simply stated - Use common sense when climbing so as to not ruin the privilege of climbing at this location.

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Drive south on the Seward Highway to just past the weigh station or until you see the obvious and gentle sloping ice of the two weigh station climbs. Parking is often difficult alongside the road, but is still a common practice. The climbs are located on the east side of the highway.

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