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Skilak Fang

Rating: WI5
Length: 120+ meters

Mixed start on thin ice and rock to 3 pillars of free hanging ice. Pillars are varying in thickness and width. If you stay to the middle the pillars will touch down on each other so you can avoid the free-hangers off to the sides of the climb. The last one is the longest and a little overhanging at the end so save your pump. You can continue up the ramp above the pillars for one last little steep section in the rock to make it a climb over 600 feet.

FA: Tyler Johnson and John Ellinwood, 2008

Anchor/descent: Rap off of v-threads or alders.

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Lat: 60 16'51.86" North
Long: 150 1'38.30"West

This climb is accessed similar to the access for Magic Carpet.

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Photo: Tyler Johnson