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Sociophobic Tendencies

Rating: WI4
Length: 200 meters, 3 pitches

This climb is the next prominent gulley to the south of the more obvious and direct line of Spring FlingApproach this route from the camping area near mile 35 off the road just after the bridge and hike 1+ hour to the base of the mountain gaining access to the drainage of this route. 

This route climbs a series of steps in a gully that leads you to the summit ridge. The first pitch consists of a steep pillar of approximately 15 meters followed by low-angled terrain to the base of the next pillar. It is recommended that you belay a second climber here at this pillar to avoid a simul-climb to the next section of better ice for an anchor. The second pitch takes you over the pillar of 10 meters in height and up over low angle ice as the gully moves up and right to the base of another shorter pillar of ice. This short pillar leads you up through possible more ice to talus and loose rock to gain access to the summit ridge of the mountain

FA: Skinny and Tim Ciosek, 1998.

Anchor/Descent: Rappel the route or climb to the top of the route and walk off the mountain to the north.

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Hike approximately 1.5 hours across frozen tundra making your way up to the base of the first pillar.

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