Ice Guide : Southcentral : Matanuska River : Caribou Creek : The Abomination of Sublimation

the abomination of sublimation

Rating: WI2/3
Length: 100 meters

Many variations are possible on this climb and it is a good place to try your hand at a first lead. Alders are all over the route and provide excellent protection in thin ice conditions. A steep vertical section does exist near the bottom of the route which provides some variability to the other wise slabby climb.  First ascent was completed in -17 degrees Fahrenheit.

FA: Wayne Mushrush & Greg Golet, 1990 

Anchor: Alder bushes throughout the climb provide reliable anchors.

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Lat: 61 48.941' North
Long: 147 42.922' West

After one passes Kid Around the Corner and follows Caribou Creek upriver around a bend, Sublimation Wall becomes visible. These climbs become available from mid to late season depending on how frozen Caribou Creek is. The Sublimation wall has been called many things including the "Snot Wall" because of the yellow color of the ice. A nice camping area with trees exists at the base which can provide protection in windy conditions.

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