Ice Guide : Interior Alaska : North Parks Highway : Suntrana Falls

Suntrana Falls

Rating: WI2-3
Length: 30 meters

(Left) Thin conditions can make this climb a challenge to achieve reliable pro.



Anchor/Descent: Be prepared to V-thread to descend.

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To get to the Suntrana Falls climbs, head north on the Parks Highway toward the town of Healy. At Healy, turn east on Healy Rd (right by The Totem) and follow this road down past the airport. Cross the Nenana River, and drive straight past the power plant. Here the road maintenance drops off significantly. However, you should be able to continue driving several more miles. Drive until maintenance ends, and find a wide area to park. Continue walking down the road and drop down a small hill. Here a big, old coal mill building will appear in front of you. From here, looking south southeast upstream along Healy Creek, the ice should be in view. Cross the river, and follow the frozen banks of the river once you are close to the ice. Clearly, these climbs are best climbed after the Healy River has had ample time to freeze over.

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