Ice Guide : Southcentral : North Anchorage : Hunter Creek : Tinsle


Rating: WI5
Length: 50 meters

This ice climb attacks a steep pillar of candlestick ice that is the next obvious line to the left of the O' Christmas Tree main pillar.


Anchor: Be prepared for every contingency on this route.

Alert: Hunter Creek lies in or adjacent to private property areas. It is uncertain if any access issues exist for this area. Check with the local climbing groups within the community to determine the current access issues for this area. Also, vandalism and theft have been high at times in this secluded area. DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES IN YOUR VEHICLE UNATTENDED.

Lat/Long: 61 24.673' North, 148 48.595' West

From the fork, hike 500 meters to the Christmas Amphitheater. This route exists on the right side of the amphitheatre immediately left of O Christmas Tree.

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