Ice Guide : Southcentral : Kenai Peninsula : Seward : Tonsina Creek

Tonsina Creek

Access Tonsina Creek from the Caines Head trail which starts at the Lowell Point State Recreation Area near Miller's Landing just out of town of Seward. Drive south on the main road in to Seward until one comes to the t-intersection at the Sea Life Center. Turn right and head down towards Lowell Point. Pass the cannery and Slime Line on your right. Cross a couple of bridges. Shortly after, one will find the access signs for Lowell Point State Recreation Area and Caines Head Trail. Follow the signs to the parking area which is usually maintained in the winter. Park here and take the Caines Head trail right out of the parking lot. This trail will travel up through the trees and quickly make its way on to a private road. Head uphill on the road about a half mile or less and the trail will pick up back off the road on your left. A sign should be visible. Take this well used trail through the trees, down some switchbacks and to a metal bridge. Cross this bridge and make a right hand turn. Follow the trail over a small wooden bridge and to a large broken bridge over Tonsina Creek. This crossing is the appropriate access into Tonsina Creek. Total distance to Tonsina Creek from the parking lot is about 1.5 miles.

The climbs in this area require an additional 1.5 miles on approach from the broken bridge. Depending on the conditions of the river, access can be easy to probably difficult. If the river is frozen and covered in snow, snow shoes or skis are recommended to improve your approach time.


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