Ice Guide : Southcentral : Valdez : Wortmanns Creek : Two Dog

Two Dog

Rating: WI4
Length in Meters: 70
Length in Pitches: 2

Overview: Furthest right obvious ice line on the wall. 40m of bulgy ice to a bit of snow climbing leads to an excellent belay cave behind the final vertical curtains. WI4+

Approach: About 2.5 miles from 18 mile/DOT lot located on the cliff north of Wortmann's Creek, lots of ice visible from the river. This is the furthest right obvious ice line on the cliff.

Descent: v-thread

First Ascent: Galen Vansant, Ryan Sims, Sam Volk; February 2018

Latitude: 61.0781661192213
Longitude: -145.7647913137679

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