Ice Guide : Southcentral : Kenai Peninsula : Victor Creek : Victor Creek 5

Victor Creek 5

Rating: WI2+
Length: 60-100 meters

This route is approximately 50 meters upstream and to the left of Victor Creek 4. Climb moderate snow/ice to access the bottom of the main ice. From here climb moderate ice turf to the canyon rim. (Note: this route meets up with the top of Victor Creek 4 at the canyon rim.)


Anchor: Trees/alders exist in the area, but be careful as many are dead or dying. V-thread material may be necessary depending upon conditions.

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Begin on the Victor Creek trail which is located at milepost 20 of the Seward Highway. At the trail head decide whether to hike a frozen creek or continue along the trail.

Creek Access - Hike the frozen creek upstream for approximately 120 minutes to the base of this route, which is located on the north side of the canyon just around the corner Victor Creek 4. from . A rarely frozen pool of open water exists in the creek narrows just past Great/Kings Beard. Negotiating this open water may require waders or rubber boots.

Trail Access - Hike the Victor Creek trail approximately 25-30 minutes and either rappel the canyon wall or hike a moderate angle snow gully to the canyon floor. This snow gully is located just above Victor Creek 6, which is also where Victor Creek waterfalls into the canyon.

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