Ice Guide : Southcentral : Matanuska River : Castle Mountain : Wall Walk

Wall Walk

Rating: WI4
Length: 75 meters

This route is usually done in two pitches. The first pitch consists of 15 meters of WI4 followed by 50 meters of WI3 to the base of a steep pillar. Most often, one can belay the second pitch behind this freehanging pillar. The second pitch is a short, steep pillar to top out. 70 meter ropes are recommended on this route.


Anchor: Be prepared to V-thread to descend.


The prize route in this drainage is Knight's Honor and is hardest to access and furthest east of all the main climbs. It is located up high in this drainage on the east side of the mountain. Access the Knight's Honor drainage by skiing around the base of the mountain. Drop your skiis and head up to a WI3 climb to access the drainage proper. Then, climb snow and ice steps. One will pass Wall Walk low in the drainage on your right. After climbing further, one will come to a fork in the drainage. Head left (west) at the fork to access Queen's Closet. Stay right (east) at the fork and climb another 30 meters past WI2-3 on your way up to Knight's Honor.

Access the Knight's Honor Drainage. This route is the first route low on the right side of the drainage.

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